Tuesday, 16 August 2016

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Monday, 1 August 2016

coalition could liberal democrats have handled it better?

The Liberal Democrat History Group is hosting a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrat Conference with the rather odd title: coalition could liberal democrats have handled it better?

It is difficult to thin of a way in which they could have handed it worse !  Perhaps the one thing is that the Conservatives were very stupid to block reform of the House of Lords. Had the Clegg proposals gone through the Liberal Democrats would have lost most of their Lords. And the Parliamentary boundary changes would have gone through costing the Lib Dems 4 of the 8 seats the managed to cling on to.


Timothy West - A moment towards the end of the play

A fantastic autobiography - just oozes with the voice and personality of Timothy West. Forth right thoughts on actors, managements, arts funding etc, a host of anecdotes.

My only disappointment was when it ended and as it was published  in 2001, there are 15 more years to account for.